Al-Injazat Trading Corporation established in 1977 by Shaikh Salem Abdullah Bugshan is an integral part and a group company of the large Bugshan Business group run by a competent team of outstanding professionals and governed by a board of management under the able stewardship of Shaikh Mohammad Salem Bugshan, a banker by profession and a great visionary who joined his family business after accomplishing a truly successful professional career with one of the largest financial services and banking groups of the world, namely CITI BANK NA in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, which later became Saudi American Bank (SAMBA). Formation of Al-Injazat was the result of the Bugshan family's vision and the subsequent success of this organization dealing in world renowned brands of skincare, cosmetics, perfumes, hair care, dental care and luxury pens and watches which is Al-injazat management's passion for excellence.
Strengths of AL-Injazat:
• Portfolio of world renowned companies and their
extremely well known and successful brands.
• Very dedicated, dynamic, loyal and competent team of
outstanding professionals.
• Adequate, progressively dynamic and efficient
distribution infrastructure comprising of all functions,
forms and features with state of the art technology.
• Large and deep routed distribution penetration.
• Excellent, long standing (30+ years)and ever growing
relationship with all principals and business partners.
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